Abbott Vascular Takes Lead in PV Stent Market


January 29, 2007

Jan. 29, 2007 — Abbott Vascular surpassed Cordis for the first time in December 2006 as the market leader in peripheral stents in the U.S., according to Millennium Research Group's (MRG) Marketrack service.

Market share of peripheral stent units for Abbott Vascular jumped from 5 to nearly 30 percent between January and December 2006 following the gain of Guidant’s vascular product line, which Boston Scientific parceled off in its acquisition of Guidant last January. Abbott Vascular has realized increases in multiple product segments, including PV Stents, EPDs, PTA balloons and accessory devices.

New product availability is changing the peripheral vascular competitive landscape, MRG reports — Boston Scientific's NexStent, Cordis' Precise, and ev3's Protégé RX carotid stents were all approved in 2006. NexStent is still being launched and has yet to achieve significant market presence, but Precise is regaining market share initially lost to Abbott Vascular.

While, the NexStent is just now being launched and has yet to take significant share, the Precise is gaining market share every month. This stent may help Cordis regain some share lost to Abbott Vascular.

"This is the first month we have seen Abbott Vascular surpass Cordis as the market leader for stents," said Adrienne Lovink, senior analyst at MRG. "Abbott is now exhibiting the anticipated positive impact of the acquisition and has a combined share greater than the individual shares the companies held prior to the merger."

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