ACC2: GE Unveils New Cardiology Workstation


March 28, 2007

GE Healthcare announced the availability of the latest version of Centricity Cardiology CA1000 version 2.0, which provides unique tools for analysis, segmentation, measurements, annotation, filming and exporting of clinically relevant images.

It combines the traditional Digital Imaging and Communications (DICOM) viewing capabilities of Centricity Cardiology CA1000 with the advanced 3-D clinical analysis tools of Centricity AW Suite 2.0. Among its many new features, v2.0 provides the ability to manage licenses either concurrently or seat based. This enables facilities to leverage licenses across the hospital. Additionally, this product release enables integrated ECG viewing on the GE Muse and other external devices.

Centricity Cardiology CA1000 v2.0 is an evolution of GE’s long established DICOM based workstation platform and carries forward a unique history of over 10 year of global experience in providing medical imaging workstations. This product is available both in an integrated PACS and standalone departmental environment.

“The continuous improvement to GE’s DICOM based workstation product line have made the current version one of the most powerful and comprehensive medical imaging workstations available today,” said Bob Davis, General Manager of Cardiology Sales, GE Healthcare Americas.