ACC2: Philips Presents Personalized Cardiovascular Workflow Solution


March 28, 2007

The Xper Information Management is Philips’ new personalized cardiovascular workflow solution. The product suite presents a variety of new innovations for reporting, image review, scheduling, inventory and intelligent data management. With tools that enhance efficiency on multiple levels, the solution improves and simplifies workflow for all cardiovascular professionals.

Xper Information Management revolves around the clinician’s workflow. Its more than a cath lab solution; it also encompasses pre- and post-cath holding, physician review with reporting and administrative management. Our user-oriented, fully integrated technology offers a variety of advantages including:

- Tailored, fluid work environment with user-centric navigation

- Reduced redundant data entry, decreasing errors, saving time and improving quality

- Expanded reporting capabilities with SQL database

- Image review with seamless reporting integration

- Integrated study and staff scheduling to enhance workflow

- Improved staff and patient communications, as well as operational efficiency with dynamic reporting that’s integrated with the system database

- Improved revenue cycle because reporting, billing and related systems are seamlessly integrated