ACC2: ScImage Announces Vascular Reporting Package for PicomEnterprise


March 28, 2007

ScImage announced that it is delivering a fully customizable reporting and workflow documentation solution for vascular procedures. The reporting solution will be offered as an add-on to the company’s award winning Enterprise PACS solution, PicomEnterprise.

The vascular reporting package is an extension of the company’s current reporting engine, PicomDOC, and uses a completely standards-based approach to report design and customization. PicomDOC incorporates the DICOM Structured Reporting (SR) standard but also uses rich text formatting and smart macros to quickly and efficiently complete vascular reports for both carotid exams and peripheral procedures. The solution also boasts automatic creation of an Adobe PDF document upon final signature that is subsequently saved to the Electronic Patient Folder within PicomEnterprise.

“PicomDOC for vascular reporting adds a critical workflow piece to our solution and will enable better workflow within the cardiology department and vascular labs,” according to ScImage Founder & CEO, Sai P. Raya, Ph.D.