ACC3: RADI’s PressureWire Puts Better Tactile Feel into Physicians’ Hands


March 30, 2007

PressureWire Certus from RADI represents a paradigm shift in pressure guidewire design with handling characteristics comparable to those of any other high performance guidewire on the market. This means that guiding interventions using FFR is no longer a compromise. PressureWire Certus is a smooth tracking high-performance guidewire with these features:

- New hydrophilic polymer sleeve forms a lubricious surface aiding overall manoeuvrability in tortous vessels along with a clinically proven increase in torque response.

- Reduced friction gives increased pushability and device compatibility.

- Better tactile feel and distal access.

- Unique, patented 3-in-1 functionality.

- Increased torque response and tactile feel via a strengthened core wire.

- Increased support – less sensitive to prolapse when advancing interventional devices.

- A proximal joint design — The transition between the supportive shaft and flexible polymer tube has been enhanced to give better torque transmission.

- Moisture resistance — A protective hydrophobic coating on the male connector repels fluid and greatly increases connector reliability even in harsh conditions.