AccessClosure’s Mynx Closes Arterial Punctures


October 8, 2008

The Mynx Vascular Closure Device (VCD) by AccessClosure Inc. closes arterial puncture sites during cardiac catheterization procedures and is designed to minimize the pain historically associated with other closure devices.

The Mynx uses an extravascular, conformable, sponge-like material to seal the puncture site. The sealant material is called polyethylene glycol (PEG) and has been used safely for more than a decade in a wide range of medical products. the company said.

Designed to minimize patient pain, the Mynx is deployed without the use of a suture or permanent metal implant, avoiding cinching or tugging of the artery often associated with other VCDs.. It immediately expands to three to four times its original size by rapidly absorbing the blood and fluids around the puncture site, sealing both the arteriotomy and the tissue tract. The sealant then dissolves naturally within 30 days, leaving nothing behind but a healed artery.

The Mynx can be used in a wide range of clinical cases typically not closed with existing closure devices. Preserving vessel integrity, the Mynx goes through the existing sheath, eliminating a sheath exchange and thereby avoiding potential tissue trauma and tract expansion. In addition, the Mynx sealant is delivered to the outside of the artery, leaving behind no intravascular components.

The Mynx Vascular Closure Device is FDA approved to close femoral arterial puncture sites for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.

October 2008