AGA Medical Features AMPLATZER Muscular VSD Occluder for Ventricular Septal Defect Closure


October 20, 2008

At TCT 2008 AGA Medical Corp. highlighted its self-expanding AMPLATZER Muscular VSD Occluder for complex ventricular septal defect (VSD) repair in patients considered to be high-risk for standard transatrial or transarterial surgical repair.

AGA Medical designed the AMPLATZER Muscular VSD Occluder to allow closure of muscular ventricular defects using a minimally-invasive catheter procedure instead of surgery.

The Muscular VSD Occluder has two concentric discs and a long waist to accommodate the thicker portion of the ventricular septum. Polyester fabric inserts help close the hole and provide a foundation for growth of tissue over the occluder after placement. The physician deploys the occluder to expand each disc on either side of the defect, closing off the hole.

October 2008