AGA Medical Wins Patent Infringement on Intravascular Occlusion Devices


August 1, 2007

August 1, 2007 - AGA Medical Corp. (AGA), owner of a European patent (EP 0 808 138) for intravascular occlusion devices and the method of forming or manufacturing these medical devices, announced that it has won its patent infringement lawsuit against Occlutech GmbH and DRABO Medizintechnik.

The action requested damages against Occlutech, DRABO and their CEOs plus a permanent injunction prohibiting them from manufacturing and marketing the infringing Figulla Occluder line of products. The court determined that Occlutech and DRABO infringed AGA's patent and granted AGA the right to enforce an order prohibiting the defendants from any manufacture, possession or sale of its infringing products. The preliminary judgment is subject to appeal.

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