AHA: Siemens Shows Docs How to Tighten Diagnostics and Data


November 13, 2006

The diagnostic tools are in place, but the connection between imaging machines and data management systems needs to be tighter if cardiovascular practices are going to keep up with the ever-growing patient volume, experts at Siemens Medical Solutions said from the American Heart Association's (AHA) Scientific Sessions.

According to the AHA, 43.9 million Americans under the age of 65 have one or more types of CVD, and survival rates of first CV events are at all-time highs. But as more patients undergo diagnostic care more frequently, conventional data management resources need to be updated to manage the images and information of today's leading technologies. Non-integrated workflow and information will ultimately negatively impact the quality of care, as well as increase the costs for patients and practices alike.

As examples of the leading innovations in diagnostic modalities, and the data management systems that are tied to those modalities that are helping to close the gaps between image and information, Siemens is showcasing: SOMATOM Definition, the world's first dual source CT system; electrocardiogram (ECG) synchronized imaging; the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system — with syngo Arterial Health and Mitral Valve Assessment application that allows for a rapid 3D/4D evaluation of mitral valve morphology and pathology; c.cam cardiac gamma camera; the Biograph PET-CT family with unmatched HI-REZ technology for cardiac assessment; recently introduced TruePoint PET-CT; and SymbiaTruePoint SPECT-CT technology.

On the software and image management side, Siemens is highlighting: the syngo TWIST, an innovative new technique for 4D MR vascular imaging; syngo BEAT, which combines the best of cardiac MRI morphology, function, tissue characterization and 3D coronary anatomy in one simple tool; syngo Circulation, a benchmark in cardiac evaluation software for CT; syngo WebSpace that enables doctors to access a patient's CT scans online anytime and anywhere; syngo US Workplace, an offline ultrasound workstation solution that enables post-processing, re-measurements, and advanced diagnostic application tools; syngo Velocity Vector Imaging and syngo Auto Ejection Fraction technologies; and the syngo fourSight TEE view that allows the user to review, manipulate, and display dynamic gated 3D TEE datasets. Plus much more.

Tying it all together is Soarian Cardiovascular Enterprise, an industry leading web-based, scalable solution that supports the cardiovascular continuum from diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up care.