AliveCor Expands eHealth Service to Android Users


December 23, 2013
alivecor aliveinsights ecg wireless remote access patient monitoring systems
December 23, 2013 — AliveCor announced Android compatibility for its AliveInsights analysis service, which launched for iOS (iPhone) users of the AliveCor Heart Monitor Nov. 18, 2013.
AliveInsights offers review of electrocardiograms (ECGs) directly through the AliveECG app. For a fee ranging from $2 to $12, patients  or physicians can choose to receive a technical review performed by a cardiac technician or a more in-depth clinical review from a Board-Certified Cardiologist. When symptoms arise, patients can receive expert analysis of their heart rhythm 24/7.
“I have used the expert analysis four to five times,” said Roland Guidry, AliveCor patient user. “My use of the cardiac technician review service eliminated the need for an appointment, since my cardiologist can review the reports from afar. My cardiologist has a lot of faith in the product and the fidelity of the tracing.”
“I like that the AliveInsights service doesn’t require a subscription and can be used as-needed if I see something abnormal,” said Lisa Vasquez, AliveCor patient user. “The service is priced very reasonably and having access to expert analysis on-demand gives me peace of mind especially if I’m traveling.”
The AliveCor Heart Monitor is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared mobile ECG recorder that supports both iPhone and Android smartphones. It records, displays, annotates, stores and transfers single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythms wirelessly using the free AliveECG app. With secure storage in the Cloud, patients can access their data confidentially anytime, anywhere and can grant access to their physician. The Heart Monitor is available for purchase in the United States by medical professionals and patients with prescriptions.
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