AMA Grants New Category III CPT Code to Premier Heart's Multifunction CardioGram


July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009 – Premier Heart said today the CPT Editorial Panel of the American Medical Association has granted a CPT Category III code to Premier Heart's Multifunction CardioGram (MCG) system.

The company said MCG is the world's first Internet-based, noninvasive, stress, radiation and drug-free computational electrophysiological system used for interactive online diagnosis. The MCG aims to bridge physician experts with diagnosing physicians via the Web in order to make timely and more accurate diagnoses.

"Being able to accurately diagnose coronary heart disease in a symptomatic patient without the need for an invasive procedure represents significant progress," said John Strobeck, M.D., cardiologist, medical director of the Heart-Lung Center, Hawthorne, N.J., and coeditor of the Journal of Congestive Heart Failure. "The Multifunction CardioGram is able to detect the presence of relevant coronary stenosis with higher sensitivity, specificity and negative predictive values than conventional diagnostic modalities in populations with a documented low pretest likelihood of coronary disease." (International Journal of Medical Sciences April 2009 6(4):143-155)

Premier Heart offers the MCG system in two models: a portable device for physician offices and a medical pushcart for institutional users. All MCG systems incorporate user-friendly data acquisition and transmission software, Premier Heart's server-based systems analysis technology and a secure Internet-enabled reporting tool for performing differential diagnosis and disease severity score calculations.

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