Angiography System Adds 12 x 12-inch Flat Panels, Hybrid Cath Table


March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010 — When working on patients in a hybrid setting, it is critical the imaging system provides outstanding image quality, as well as the flexibility to reach ancillary equipment and the patient quickly and easily.

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. showcased its Infinix VF-i biplane system with two identical 12 x 12-inch flat panel detectors and the CAT 880B hybrid catheterization table during ACC this week in Atlanta.

The new mid-sized 12 x 12-inch flat panel detector expands the versatility of the Infinix-i line, which features a five-axis C-arm positioner and enables excellent patient access and coverage. The new mid-sized flat panel detector covers more anatomical area in one view. The ability to see more anatomy in one view reduces C-arm movement or table panning and decreases overall procedure time. The flexible system easily accommodates acquiring all standard views of the heart and is also beneficial when imaging anatomy outside the heart.

Along with the new mid-sized detector, the Infinix-i five-axis systems are now available with the new CAT 880B tilt/cradle hybrid catheterization table. This table is designed to allow greater positioning flexibility and patient access during imaging and surgery. The table functionality with side-to-side cradle and head-to-toe tilt permits clinicians to angle the table in the optimal position to quickly complete procedures. The flexibility and ergonomic design enhance the clinicians’ ability to work around the patient and accommodate views that conventional angiographic tables cannot achieve.

The new hybrid catheterization table features a 550-pound table weight limit, making this table ideal for a range of patients, from pediatric to bariatric. It also allows for angulations of up to 16 degrees in all four directions and offers the lowest tabletop height of any catheterization.

The 75 cm table height provides good patient access and physician comfort, regardless of the procedure being performed. With the new table, Toshiba’s Infinix-i five-axis X-ray systems are designed to accommodate endovascular catheter based techniques, open surgical settings or a combined hybrid approach.

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