ATS Medical Launches CryoMaze Surgical Ablation Clamp


October 7, 2008

October 7, 2008 - ATS Medical Inc. last week launched U.S. sales of the ATS CryoMaze Surgical Ablation Clamp.

The launch of this product marks the first ablation product development effort by ATS since the product line was acquired from CryoCath Technologies. The ATS CryoMaze Clamp is similar in clinical use to other ablation clamps on the market; however, it uses argon-based cryoablation to create lesions rather than heat-based RF energy. The benefit of this ablation clamp over competitive devices is a unique ablation window that allows the surgeon to visually confirm complete freezing of the targeted tissue, the company said. Early prototype testing and evaluation was performed with the assistance of Evelio Rodriguez, M.D., of East Carolina University, who has also used the clamp in clinical practice.

“Some other ablation clamps must be applied multiple times and then tested to see if they work,” said Dr. Rodriguez. “But with the ATS CryoMaze Clamp, you apply it once and, because you can see the frost coming through, you know that it worked with a single application.”

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