Barco Unveils Color PACS Display with Increased Brightness


March 6, 2009

March 6, 2009 – At the ECR congress, Barco unveiled an upgraded version of the Nio Color 3MP diagnostic display system, featuring a high-bright LCD panel.

Diagnostic color modalities - such as 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, CAD, nuclear medicine and PET – are quickly being adopted in the day-to-day radiology practice. This evolution inspired Barco to develop a full range of high-performance color PACS display systems. With the launch of the new generation Nio Color 3MP display station, Barco complements this offering with a 3 MegaPixel display that fits every budget.

The Nio Color 3MP is a visualization solution designed for multimodality workstations handling 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, CAD, image fusion, nuclear medicine and PET.

There is a built-in system for uniformity correction. Thanks to this feature, images are presented with more uniform luminance, which enhances diagnostic precision and facilitates compliance with regional QA standards.

The new Nio Color 3MP system inherits the same benefits that characterize all Nio displays such as image quality and backlight stabilization. The monitor’s valuable LCD technology is protected against damage by means of a protective front cover. This non-reflective cover improves the image contrast, keeps reflections low and allows for easy and safe cleaning.

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