Bioheart Announces Grant-Supported Study of T-PLS Blood Pump


February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009 - Bioheart Inc. has arranged with its Italian partner, Biomedica, for a complete grant-supported study of the Bioheart A&C Bio Science T-PLS Twin-Pulsatile Life Support System.

The T-PLS is a blood pump that is introduced through small percutaneous punctures into the femoral artery and femoral vein of a patient. The first shipments were made this week to a hospital in Italy, and testing on the system should be completed within 45 days.

The CE Marked Bioheart A&C Bio Science T-PLS has been used in more than 300 patients to date, reportedly with success. The T-PLS may be used to provide percutaneous quick perfusion following an acute MI to reduce scar size in combination with the coronary infusion of endothelial progenitor cells and stem cells from Bioheart's CE Mark approved TGI-1200 system. It may also be used following a stroke to reduce brain damage or as a standard heart lung by-pass machine during cardiac surgery. The A&C Bio Science team is working on a new improved model that includes a blood cooling system.

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