Bioheart Introduces At-Home Congestive Heart Failure Monitor


July 11, 2008

Bioheart Inc. offers the Bioheart 3370 Heart Failure Monitor, an interactive and simple-to-use at-home device designed to better monitor patients outside hospitals who are suffering from heart failure.

The device, manufactured by RTX Healthcare A/S of Denmark, has FDA 510(k) market clearance and CE Mark in Europe.

The compact Bioheart 3370 Heart Failure Monitor engages patients through personalized daily interactions and questions, while collecting vital signs and transmitting the information directly into a database. It is available in both a wireless configuration and through hook-up to regular telephone lines. The data is regularly monitored by a remotely located medical professional, who watches for any abnormal readings that may signal a change in the patient’s health status. These changes are reported back to the treating physician.

July 2008