BioLeonhardt Unveils Stem Cell Pump

First implantable pump for timed dosed repeat delivery of stem cells and growth factors


January 28, 2014
BioLeonhardt Implantable Stem Cell Pump Cath Lab Therapies Heart Failure
January 28, 2014 — BioLeonhardt, a Leonhardt Ventures company based in Los Angeles, unveiled its implantable stem cell pump at the 9th Annual Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease meeting at Columbia University, Jan. 23, 2014.
BioLeonhardt’s programmable implantable stem cell infusion pump and electrical stimulator combine to treat advanced heart failure. The stem cell pump is implanted in the patient's abdomen and has a silicone septum to allow re-loading via a micro needle syringe of stem cells, genes, growth factors and nutrient hydrogels.  The pump is attached to a combination coaxial reinforced infusion catheter and electrical conduction lead, which has its tip anchored into the patient's damaged heart tissue.  
BioLeonhardt's proposed method to treating heart failure:
1.  Pre-Treat Scar - Micro-RNAs, Nutrient Hydrogel, Growth Factors, Electrical Stimulation, GCSF, endothelial progenitor cells and adipose derived cells.
2.  Treat Scar - Muscle derived cardiac progenitor cells in center of scar, cardiac stem cells or iPS cells at rim edge of scar, temporary implantable circulatory assist pump to allow heart to rest. 
3.  Post Implantation Scar Maintenance - Repeat injections/infusions + electrical stimulation. 
The method utilizes BioLeonhardt’s programmable pump to repeat dosing, and will be tested in a controlled study for heart failture. 
BioLeonhardt has granted an exclusive license for myoblast transplantation with their pump to another Leonhardt founded company, Bioheart Inc. Myoblast traplantation has been in clinical trials utilizing selected immature myoblasts to treat heart failure since early 2001. Over 400 patients have been enrolled in various myoblast trials worldwide and 84 percent have improved in at least one parameter. 
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