BioVentrix takes treatment to second European location

Implant of Revivent-TC Ventricular Enhancement System done in Czech Republic


January 22, 2014
BioVentrix Revivent-TC Heart Failure Treatment Cath Lab Structural Heart
January 22, 2014 — BioVentrix’s Revivent-TC Ventricular Enhancement System was implanted in a man via Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement (LIVE) in Prague, Czech Republic. 
The procedure, which is used to reshape and reduce the left ventricle, was performed on a 64-year-old man suffering from ischemic heart failure.  Prof. Petr Neuzil and Dr. Ivo Skalsky performed the transcatheter procedure at Na Holmoce Hospital without opening the patient’s chest or using a heart-lung bypass machine.
“The Revivent-TC hybrid system allows treatment of both worsening heart failure patients, and those who are already very ill, without opening the chest,” said Neuzil, head of cardiology and director of the cardiac arrhythmia service. “This is a major breakthrough for this patient population that will lower the barrier to intervention for all heart failure classifications.”
Within three days of the LIVE procedure, the patient’s ejection fraction improved 45 percent improvement, rising from a 31 percent preoperative measurement.
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