Cannula with Thin Wall Increases Percutaneous VAD Blood Flow


May 26, 2006

Enabling the TandemHeart percutaneous ventricular assist device to provide blood flow of up to five liters per minute, the TandemHeart Transseptal Cannula – Enhanced Flow (THTC-EF) from CardiacAssist is positioned in the left atrium.

The cannula is part of the TandemHeart System. The THTC-EF was originally conceived as a product improvement to resolve occasional pliability of the currently marketed TandemHeart Cannula (THTC). The new cannula has a thinner wall, allowing CardiacAssist engineers to increase the inside diameter (ID) and keep the same 21 F outside diameter of the currently marketed THTC.

The increased ID reduces resistance to flow and therefore the TandemHeart System flow increases from 4.0 liters per minute to a maximum of 5.0 liters per minute when used in conjunction with a 17 F arterial cannula. The THTC-EF used in conjunction with a 15 F arterial return cannula provides a 30 percent increase in flow, from 3.5 liters to 4.5 liters.