CardiArc Announces Independent Research Program For New SPECT Imaging System


June 8, 2007

June 8, 2007 — CardiArc, Inc. has established a research and testing program in which CardiArc SPECT system devices will be loaned to healthcare research institutions. The company is seeking independent testing, evaluations in clinical settings and publication of results regarding the design and performance of its cardiovascular camera.

Cleveland Clinic will receive the first commercially manufactured unit, with evaluation consisting of at least 100 scans performed on individuals using both the CardiArc SPECT system and again on a clinical SPECT machine currently in at the facility.

The CardiArc SPECT system provides faster imaging times and the industry's highest resolution in less floor space than any other SPECT system and with less than one minute setup time, radiation shielding for the technologist and superb patient comfort.

The device has been specifically optimized for use in outpatient settings and emergency rooms and can pass through a standard 36 inch wide doorway. It can be used in a 6- by 7-foot exam room, requires no room modifications for installation or operation and uses U.S. or European standard voltage.

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