Cardiovations Rolls Out Port Access Tools for Mitral Valve Surgery


July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007 - CardioVations, a division of Ethicon Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company, announced the launch of Port Access Precision Series, a new line of surgical instruments for use in minimally invasive valve repair procedures, designed to enhance precision, reliability and control in minimally invasive valve surgery.

The Port Access Precision Series initially includes specially designed scissors, forceps and needle drivers available in a wide variety of sizes and for a range of surgical functions. The integrated flushport design is made to allow for automated processing and intraoperative flushing to assist in maintaining a high level of instrument performance. The instruments feature improved ergonomic design and lightweight construction to enhance stability and reduce surgeon fatigue.

Port Access Precision Series is the latest addition to Port Access Products, CardioVations' complete portfolio of disposable devices and reusable instruments for minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures.

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