Concerto CRT-D, Virtuoso ICD Transmit Patient Data Remotely


September 4, 2008

Medtronic’s Concerto/Virtuoso line of implantable cardiac devices feature Medtronic’s proprietary Conexus Wireless Telemetry, developed using the Medical Implant Communications Service (MICS). Using the MICS band enables reliable communication between the implanted device and clinician programmers and patient home monitoring units.

Conexus Telemetry reportedly has enhanced efficiencies at device implant and during in-office follow-up visits. At implant, there is no need for the programmer head to enter the sterile implant field, and in-office visits may be simplified when they’re needed, as the physician can interrogate patients’ devices via wireless telemetry without the need for surface electrodes. Conexus Telemetry will also enable automatic, wireless data transmission from the patient’s device to a home monitor. Device data then will be transmitted to the clinician. Communication between device and monitor will be initiated by physician-programmed device parameters or it can occur on prescheduled dates that are preprogrammed.