Cook to Introduce Stenting Kit, Lead Extraction Device


October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007 - Global Therapeutics, a Cook Medical company, said at TCT 2007 it will begin a clinical trial using AVI-5126, a next generation antisense drug. It will be included in a kit containing a bare metal stent and a site-specific catheter for drug delivery. In addition, Cook Medical has introduced a new lead extraction device named the “Evolution.”

Resten-P (AVI-5126), a drug developed by AVI BioPharma, Inc. (AVII) and licensed by Cook Medical, is a third-generation antisense agent that targets the key regulatory gene responsible for smooth muscle cell proliferation involved in cardiovascular restenosis. The drug will be part of a stenting kit that provides a bare cobalt chromium stent and a delivery catheter. The drug will be delivered separately from the stent.

“Cook has overcome the issues of higher rate of recoil associated with the cobalt chromium stents currently on the market. We plan to begin sales of our bare metal coronary stent system in Europe during the first quarter of 2008. Also, plans are in the works to begin a trial in the U.S. before mid-year 2008,” representatives from Global Therapeutics commented.

Another highlight was the anticipated introduction of Evolution, a new lead extraction device, designed to aid in the percutaneous removal of cardiac leads.

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