Cook Launches a Sheath Set for Lead Extraction


May 21, 2008

May 14, 2008 - Cook Medical launched at Health Rhythm Society 2008 the EVOLUTION-Shortie Mechanical Dilator Sheath Set, a tool for venous entry during cardiac lead extraction procedures, an extension of the company’s EVOLUTION mechanical extraction sheath technology.

Cook’s EVOLUTION-Shortie Mechanical Dilator Sheath Set is intended for use in patients requiring the percutaneous dilation of tissue surrounding cardiac leads, indwelling catheters and foreign objects. Cook’s EVOLUTION-Shortie boasts the same intuitive and well-received EVOLUTION mechanical dilator system technology, with added features designed to simplify vessel access during the lead extraction procedure. Simple to use, time-efficient and cost-effective, the EVOLUTION-Shortie employs a shorter length to enhance physician control and a specialized distal tip that enables physicians to succinctly negotiate through tough fibrous binding adhesions.

Available in 9 and 11 French inner diameter sizes, EVOLUTION-Shortie features a unique application specific distal tip design. It consists of a flexible rotating sheath that succinctly separates fibrous binding sites from the leads that need extracting. This inner, exotic braided polymer sheath, featuring a shorter length to increase physician control, is shielded by an outer telescoping polymer sheath and connected to a handle, or trigger, which rotates it mechanically to advance the tip.

In addition to being used for vessel entry in conjunction with difficult to extract cardiac leads, EVOLUTION-SHORTIE has also been designed to assist physicians by helping them gain and retain venous access during the removal of less securely fibrosed leads that may become inadvertently removed from the patient before a re-implant pathway can be established. In each application, the use of EVOLUTION-SHORTIE can markedly lessen the number of expensive energized powered sheaths used as part of the procedure.