Coronary Angiography Safe for Same-Day Elective Valve Surgery


June 13, 2007

June 13 – A report in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, found that it is safe for patients to receive a coronary angiography on the same day that they are undergoing elective valvular heart surgery.

In the study, lead investigator Morgan L. Brown, M.D., and his team at the Mayo Clinic evaluated a safety protocol for performing coronary angiography in 226 patients who underwent heart valvular replacement or repair on the same day. The findings showed that a quarter of the participants or 28.3 percent required coronary artery bypass. There was also one fatality 30 days after surgery and four patients developed postoperative renal failure.

The reported concluded that, “when properly coordinated with the interventional cardiologists, same-day performance of coronary angiography and cardiopulmonary bypass can significantly benefit the patient by reducing the number of required hospital visits."