DatCard, Fujifilm Team Up For Web-Based Image Sharing


December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011 – DatCard and Fujifilm Medical Systems announced that the companies are expanding their decade‐long reseller alliance with a new, integrated solution aimed at simplifying the exchange of clinical images and information and streamlining healthcare. Combining Fujifilm’s Synapse picture archive and communications systems (PACS), with DatCard’s new Agilisys AIX (Adaptive Image eXchange), the collaboration will enable organizations to share clinical images — quickly, safely, and on demand — via secure Internet connection. The AIX cloud‐based technology will give authorized users the ability to access information anywhere, anytime, beyond the confines of their network.

Since the two companies began partnering 10 years ago, Fujifilm has played a major role in the success of DatCard’s flagship product, PacsCube CD delivery system, placing the device in approximately 700 Synapse locations worldwide. The new reseller agreement will focus on growing this user base as well as enabling the upgrade of existing PacsCube systems to include AIX, for a practical hybrid of both portable media (CDs/DVDs) and secure, reliable cloud based image sharing technology.

“AIX does not replace existing imaging informatics solutions; it makes them better — with a platform that could revolutionize the way images are shared, managed and audited beyond the network,” said DatCard vice president of sales and marketing Andrew Rosenzweig. “Combined with Synapse, AIX offers Fujifilm customers a practical and affordable way to adopt cloud technology without reinventing workflow and standard of care.”

The latest DatCard/Fujifilm collaboration takes system integration to a new level, according to Rosenzweig, allowing users to access CD output or cloud delivery functions directly, within Synapse. “It’s a tightly integrated, user focused interface,” he said, “designed to enhance productivity, support rapid access and diagnosis, and ultimately lead to improved patient care.”

DatCard is a software developer, integrator and a leading supplier of digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) distribution solutions focused on intelligent workflow and simplified data management and exchange. DatCard’s flagship product PacsCube, the first generation DICOM CD publishing and distribution system, remains a market leader. Agilisys AIX, the Adaptive Image eXchange, continues this legacy, lowering the barrier between imaging and clinicians and adding a new dimension of image management, disaster recovery and real‐time image availability.

For more information: www.fujimed.com