Device Helps Deliver Stents and Balloons


May 26, 2006

Designed to help physicians access areas of blockage in the coronary arteries and other vessels in the body that may be difficult to reach, Abbott Vascular’s stainless steel specialty catheter, the Asahi Tornus, is engineered to deliver therapeutic, minimally invasive balloon catheters and stents to vessels blocked with dense fibrous fatty plaque. 

While most catheters are made of conventional plastic, the Tornus catheter is made of stainless steel to provide extra support during operator handling. The proprietary Tornus design consists of several hair-thin, stainless steel strands braided together along with a safety-release valve at the proximal end to indicate when the device has reached maximum rotation. A specialized tapered distal tip with a radio-opaque marker for optimal visualization in navigating difficult-to-access areas is also included.

The device is available in 2.1 F for accessing lesions that are more difficult to navigate and 2.6 F for circumstances requiring more support to push through the lesion.