Digirad Corporation Features Latest in Volume CT (VCT) Attenuation Correction


February 24, 2009

Digirad's Cardius X-ACT, a dedicated cardiac SPECT system, offers the potential to set new clinical standards with X-ACT attenuation correction. The X-ACT system is based on the high-efficiency Cardius-3 XPO triple-head upright dedicated nuclear cardiac SPECT imaging system. The C3XPO offers up to 38 percent faster acquisition times than conventional dual head systems and the ability to image patients up to 500 pounds. The new X-ACT low dose volume CT (VCT) attenuation correction approach exploits the high-count rate capabilities of solid-state detectors and takes advantage of the full 24-inch-wide triple-head detector geometry eliminating truncation. X-ACT offers the potential benefits of high precision, faster speed, low dose and high reliability.

The X-ACT option is a clinical works-in-progress and is not available for commercial sale.