Distal Embolization Risk Minimized, Filter Control Simplified


August 30, 2006

Abbott Vascular has two embolic protection systems: the Emboshield and the RX ACCUNET.

A filter-based device, Emboshield was developed to minimize the risk of distal embolization (the release of emboli into the bloodstream), which may lead to ischemia, stroke, heart attack and potential death.

The system moves freely on a proprietary wire, Barewire, and physicians can select from a range of Barewires for use in different anatomies and procedures. Barewire technology closely resembles the guide wires to which physicians are accustomed when performing interventional procedures. This similarity to current practice is intended to provide optimal deliverability and to make Emboshield easier to use.

The RX ACCUNET system is designed to provide excellent capture capabilities and easy filter control when doctors perform carotid stenting interventions. The system is a .014-inch guide wire-based filter system that utilizes rapid exchange technology so the physician can easily control the filter during catheter manipulations. It is available in 190 cm and 300 cm lengths with the proximal end of the 190cm device coined to allow for attachment to a “DOC” wire extension.