DR200 Series Combines 14-day Holter, 30-day Event Recorder


March 18, 2008

Northeast Monitoring has introduced the DR200/HE, a combination 14-day Holter plus 30-day Event recorder integrated into a single unit that is designed for deployment to patients in either 'Holter' or 'Event' mode.

In Holter mode with a single, fully charged AA battery and a 1GB data card, the unit can reportedly operate as a 14-day Holter. It is available with 3-, 5- or 7-lead patient cables. The DR200/HE is compatible with NorthEast’s flagship software product, Holter LX Analysis. With 14-day Holter is said to capture elusive cardiac events – every beat, all the time.

When the DR200/HE is deployed as a Tel-a-heart Event monitor, it uses a 2- or 3-lead cable. The Tel-a-heart data is analyzed with LX Event software from NorthEast. Data is transmitted via telephone (standard TTM) or read directly from the SD data card.

The DR200 Series blends the features of the DR200/E “Tel-a-heart” Event recorder and the technology of the DR180 Holter in a single unit. New advanced DSP hardware and specially designed signal processing algorithms squeeze is applied to better utilize the battery. The unit is approximately one-half the size and weight of the DR180 , has smaller cable profiles for patient comfort.