Drape Delivers Required Fluid Control in Cath Lab


August 30, 2006

The Impervious Extra Long (XL) Femoral Angiography Drape delivers the fluid control required for diagnostic and interventional procedures performed in the cath lab and interventional radiology lab, where fluid management is critical for the protection of both patients and staff.

The drape features a film layer that provides impervious protection against strikethrough of blood and other body fluids, as well as dyes, Heparin and saline solutions used for irrigation, contrast and cleaning of guide wires. It also has an extended length from top to bottom and improved absorbent fabric reinforcement to minimize the risk of safety hazards from fluid pooling and running off onto staff scrubs, shoes and the floor.

Low-lint and abrasion-resistant fabric reinforcement reduces the risk of lint particles adhering to guide wires, catheters or stents, which can enter the patient’s bloodstream and cause post-procedural complications.