ECG Offers Secure, Versatile Transfer


March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008 – Showcased at ACC, the Philips 12-Lead ECG Transfer Station receives the current ECGs from the HeartStart MRx and makes it available to ED staff, as well as to offsite cardiologists via secure eMail, PDA or fax.

12-Lead ECG Transfer Station can also retrieve previous ECGs from the Philips TraceMasterVue ECG management solution. The Philips Xcelera multimodality image management, analysis and reporting solution also connects with TraceMasterVue and other cardiac subspecialty modalities, allowing cardiologists to access the patient’s current and previous ECGs and other cardiac studies. Clinicians can access patient data and link to previous TraceMasterVue ECGs via Xcelera WebForum from Internet connected computers. Before a patient’s arrival, clinicians can use these ECGs to assess, and if needed, prepare for lifesaving treatment in the cath lab.

For patients who transport themselves to the ED, Philips presents a selection of products to assist in the rapid assessment of STEMI patients, including the PageWriter Touch. This cardiograph solution offers unique set of capabilities, encompassing 16-lead ECG recording, STEMI analysis and critical value statements that reportedly highlight the need for immediate clinician attention. With wireless communications to TraceMasterVue, clinicians have rapid access to demographics and previous ECG records, and immediate transfer of reports for distribution to key members of the clinical team.

In addition to expedited, easy access to previous ECGs, TraceMasterVue integrates data from a variety of ECG sources, including the ECG Transfer Station, and allows physicians to review, compare and store ECGs, as well as share the ECG information with the cath lab and referring physicians.

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