Embolic Protection System Begins European Launch


November 16, 2006

The Emboshield PRO Embolic Protection System received CE approval and will be launched in Europe.

Embolic protection devices are designed to capture and remove particles of atherosclerotic plaque that can become dislodged during a carotid artery stenting procedure, potentially leading to stroke and other complications.

The Emboshield PRO is designed to be more radiopaque than its predecessor, the Emboshield Embolic Protection System, providing better visibility during X-ray angiography. The device’s shorter length and enhanced profile are intended to allow it to cross tighter blockages and be delivered more easily in patients with challenging carotid anatomies.

The Emboshield PRO also features Barewire, a proprietary technology that allows the filter to remain stable during the normal guide wire movements that occur during device exchanges in carotid procedures.