EP Planning Tool Assists CT-Guided Intervention


October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007 – Siemens highlighted at TCT 2007 the syngo DynaCT Cardiac solution, a planning tool that enables cross-sectional images to be acquired in the EP lab to guide intervention with a CT image taken on the same day as the procedure.

Previously, planning of procedures like atrial fibrillation ablations was based on CT or MR images acquired before the examination. Morphologic information of these preprocedural images was limited by the time lag to the actual procedure as the preprocedural approach does not account for dynamic changes in the anatomical structures.

The syngo DynaCT Cardiac utilizes images acquired from one or multiple ECG-triggered rotational angiography runs to display the 3D morphology of the heart. Image acquisition is performed during application of contrast agent in approx. 20 seconds.

The 3D image is obtained by 3D reconstruction, including retrospective ECG-gating on the syngo Workplace. The 3D image is available for assessment in the EP lab within less than 3 minutes after image acquisition.

Regardless of whether syngo DynaCT Cardiac is used with or without ECG-triggering, the three-dimensional cardiac morphology can be displayed as volume rendering technique visualization; as a surface model by using advanced segmentation algorithms of syngo InSpace EP; and as an endoscopic view visualization. It is also possible to visualize the detailed cardiac anatomy within cross-sectional images (MPRs).

For more information: www.usa.siemens.com/medical