Flexible Neck Improves Maneuverability in Cardiac Ablation


June 30, 2006

The Cardioblate LP Surgical Ablation System offers surgeons additional flexibility and precision in creating lesions, including full or modified Maze III procedures.

The system consists of the Cardioblate LP device, a Cardioblate Pen and Generator. The low profile, extended flexible neck and rotating head of the Cardioblate LP device are designed to allow easier access to necessary target areas of heart tissue, and its slim precurved 7-centimeter electrodes are shaped and sized to deliver irrigated radiofrequency energy quickly and less invasively. An audible tone provides feedback to the surgeon on lesion completion.

Two other previously launched devices also aid in surgical ablation: the Cardioblate BP2 Surgical Ablation System and the Detect Surgical Pacing and Mapping device. The Detect device allows the surgeon to analyze the electrical conduction of the atrial tissue and determine how it has been impacted by an ablation procedure. It also helps in optimizing epicardial lead placement during cardiac resynchronization therapy.