Flexible System for All Cardiovascular Imaging Procedures


August 30, 2006

The Avanta Fluid Management Injection System and the Vanguard Dx Angiographic Catheters give clinicians a single, flexible system for virtually all cardiovascular imaging procedures.

Avanta is capable of controlled delivery of contrast at low flow rates and low pressures in variable mode to enable injections of small vessels, like the coronary arteries. For larger vessels and peripheral imaging needs, the injector can generate high flow rates and high-pressure injections in fixed mode. In addition, saline can be administered at a fixed rate. This flexibility gives healthcare professionals in cardiac catheterization labs and angiography suites a single injection system for multiple imaging applications.

The Vanguard Dx Angiographic Catheter with patented RadiantFlow tip technology delivers contrast in a distinctive way. Instead of the single jet of contrast generated by traditional catheters, the RadiantFlow tip produces a “cloud” of contrast intended to enhance mixing and distribution. This radial dispersion of contrast reduces catheter whipping and enhances tip stability during injections.

Vanguard Dx catheters are available in the 15 most common shapes and in two sizes: 4 and 5F. According to independent research, a 4F catheter size may increase patient comfort, reduce the need and expense of wound closure devices and reduce patient ambulation time following diagnostic cardiac procedures when used in place of 6F catheters.