Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute Implements LifeSync Wireless ECG System


June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009 - LifeSync Corp. this week said Florida Hospital in Orlando completed implementation of the LifeSync System throughout its Cardiovascular Institute for patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery.

As part of its evaluation of the system, Florida Hospital completed an IRB- approved study to determine how the LifeSync System would impact the incidences of interruptions to cardiac monitoring to improve patient safety and increase nurse productivity. The result of the study showed a significant reduction in lead-off alarms and a decrease in unscheduled nursing time spent handling dislodged ECG wires. The study also found that while using the LifeSync System, daily patient time-off monitor decreased. Based on the results of the study, Florida Hospital signed a three-year agreement with LifeSync and has installed the LifeSync System throughout its Cardiovascular Institute.

"In addition to reducing lead-off alarms, the LifeSync System encourages early ambulation by untethering the patient from the monitors, allowing patients freedom of movement in the critical care environment," said Jean Turcotte RN, MA, CCRN, CFC, administrative manager CVICU. Additionally, the study tracked the impact the disposable LeadWear sets used with the LifeSync System had on infections. While the Cardiovascular Institute currently experiences infection rates substantially below the national average, the Florida Hospital researchers from the Center for Nursing Research and Innovation found a meaningful incremental reduction in infection incidence with the use of the LifeSync System.

"The use of the LifeSync System and its disposable LeadWear sets shows our commitment to providing a positive patient experience," says Kevin Accola, M.D., Florida Hospital cardiovascular surgeon. "We want each patient with a chest incision to know that they are important to us, important enough to have their own set of lead wires."

Florida Hospital Orlando, the largest of seven hospitals in the Florida Hospital System, houses the Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute, ranked number three in the nation for number of open-heart surgeries. About 25,000 patients are admitted into the institute, and 11,000 cardiac procedures and 2,000 open-heart surgeries are performed annually. Since 1981, the institute has performed more than 82,000 heart surgeries.

For more information: www.lifesynccorp.com