FloTrac Features Greater Visibility for Stroke Volume


July 9, 2008

The FloTrac is reportedly the first minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring device that connects to any existing arterial line and requires no manual calibration.

The latest enhancement to the FloTrac software empowers clinicians with greater flexibility to trend and analyze the patient parameters in order to make better informed decisions, said the company.

Specifically, the new features include trending and greater visibility for stroke volume and stroke volume variation, which used together provide both an indication of fluid responsiveness and a means of verifying that fluid is reportedly beneficial to the patient’s status.

Calculator tools are designed to enable continuous or time-specific analysis in order to more quickly quantify changes in patient condition. Additionally, the integrity of stroke volume variation in adverse situations is now preserved by FloTrac’s ability to identify excessive heart rate variability, such as arrhythmias.

The new version of FloTrac software aims to provide an easier, faster, more efficient way to optimize a patient’s fluid balance, giving clinicians confidence they are choosing the right therapy and delivering it at the right magnitude.