Fully Integrated Ultrasound System in the Interventional Lab


October 29, 2010

The CX50 integrated ultrasound system, by Philips, provides premium ultrasound image quality for enhanced guidance and confident decisions. It fits seamlessly with Allura Xper cardiovascular X-ray products.

The system offers several advantages:

• Easy remote operation of ultrasound at the tableside using the Xper module during interventional procedures.

• New levels of diagnostic confidence with premium ultrasound imaging side-by-side with X-ray.

• Improved workflow efficiency with integrated patient images and data.

The CX50 cuts the number of steps during interventional procedures by allowing the physician to control the ultrasound system via the tableside Xper module. Also, it automatically shares patient data between the X-ray system and ultrasound system to speed preparation and eliminate duplication.

It captures a broad band of tissue information for exceptional clarity, even on difficult-to-image patients, providing superb high-resolution imaging during demanding interventional procedures. Its specially designed small mobile cart grants easy access in the interventional lab.