GE Healthcare DoseMap Monitors Patient Angiographic Dose to Avoid Skin Burns

Introduction of DoseMap to help clinicians better monitor dose levels


March 18, 2013
GE Healthcare DoseMap Radiation Dose Management Angiography Systems

March 18, 2013 – At the American College of Cardiology (ACC) conference, GE Healthcare unveiled DoseMap to alert interventional cardiologists to patient radiation exposure during longer procedures.

For interventional cardiologists working on long and complex procedures, there is a growing demand for having automated dose monitoring, optimization, display and traceability of their work. DoseMap is available on the GE Innova IGS 5x0 platform. This dose feature allows the operator to display local cumulative patient dose levels all along the examination and offers the operator the chance to change the local dose delivery by modifying the dose setting and/or gantry angulation when reaching given thresholds of a procedure. The expected benefit is to help the operator avoid potentially exceeding the local dose threshold and help clinicians better monitor and in turn increase patient care by empowering clinicians to reduce/amend dose levels.

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