GEMS Air Wireless ECG Continuously Monitors Heart Rhythm Abnormalities


October 2, 2009

October 2, 2009 – CardioComm Solutions Inc. said yesterday it added the company’s wireless ECG management system to its suite of GEMS (Global ECG Management System) products. GEMS Air builds on the GEMS platform and incorporates software capable of continuously receiving and managing recordings of the heart’s activity over a wireless network instead of a land-line telephone network.

The company said the benefit of wireless monitoring to the cardiologist or cardiac service is that it provides a better diagnostic yield and improved patient care management. The continuous stream of monitoring information reflects a more complete picture of a patient’s cardiac activity hour by hour, day to day, with abnormalities being detected earlier than, for example, with Holter monitoring.

GEMS Air permits continuous wireless transmission without the patient needing to call in information. Abnormalities are automatically recognized and sent to the medical team. Although some large call centers use a similar process with their own dedicated and exclusive devices, GEMS Air is the first time that there is an opportunity for patients and physicians to have a choice in selecting from a variety of wireless devices for their own direct use.

The GEMS Air also provides an open architecture for communication with devices from any heart ECG loop event recorder manufacturer and offers extensive and detailed standard and custom reports. The reports are posted to secure Web sites in real time. The system is fully-scalable and can be used by small clinics or large hospitals. The AutoAttendant module is a computer-automated answering of event recorder transmissions that can be added to help improving efficiency and reducing staffing. The system has HL7 compatibility for seamless EMR incorporation.

The GEMS Air systems are FDA and Health Canada approved.

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