Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Stent Graft Gains European Approval


March 6, 2014
Gore Excluder AAA Stent Graft

March 6, 2014 — W. L. Gore & Associates’ Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis is a complete, fully engineered system intended for endovascular treatment of common iliac artery aneurysms or aortoiliac aneurysms. It received CE marking. The first patient procedures in Europe were successfully completed by vascular surgeons Piergiorgio Cao, M.D., chief of vascular surgery at San Camillo Hospital, Rome, Italy, Mo Hamady, M.D., consultant interventional radiologist at St. Mary’s Hospital, London, and Michael Jenkins, consultant vascular surgeon and clinical lead at St. Mary’s Hospital, London.

This device is used in conjunction with Gore Excluder AAA Endoprosthesis components to isolate the common iliac artery from systemic blood flow and preserve blood flow in the external iliac and internal iliac arteries. It is built on Gore’s technology platform and designed using the same durable, expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) graft.

“Gore’s dedicated components for iliac artery repair provide the first complete low profile system for managing common iliac artery aneurysms. The procedure is simple and straightforward due to the pre-cannulated branch and bi-femoral delivery system,” Hamady said.

“In endovascular procedures involving iliac arteries, this device is easy to handle and repositionable for precise placement. The Gore Excluder Device based design also provides a wide treatment range and long-term durability, which is extremely important for optimal success,” Cao said. “Additionally, the low profile delivery provides for enhanced vessel access, benefiting patients and physicians alike.”

The Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis system provides a treatment range of 6.5-13.5 mm for the internal iliac arteries, and a treatment range of 6.5-25 mm for the external iliac arteries. The delivery profile of the loaded catheter allows the use of a 16 F introducer sheath for the iliac branch component, and a 12 F flexible, reinforced introducer sheath for the internal iliac component.

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