Guiding Catheter Aids Transradial Access Navigation


September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010 – A guiding catheter specifically designed for right radial access to maximize transradial interventional procedures is released in the United States. Terumo Interventional System’s Heartrail III Coronary Guiding Catheter is designed for use in the left or right coronary artery.

Heartrail III guiding catheters offer both Ikari and TIG radial tip shapes that provide five distinct benefits:

• A curve design that specifically addresses the backup support needed in a guiding catheter that is missing from many catheters that are used from the right radial access.

• Bigger lumen size (6 Fr., 1.8 mm inner diameter) features a larger lumen as well as lower device friction to accommodate bigger stents and balloons without having to change out catheters.

• Flexible shaft design offers better trackability, even in tortuous vessels.

• Superior torque control offers smooth handling for accurate engagement of the artery.

• High radiopacity enhances visibility to allow accurate tip positioning in coronary ostium.

“I am a firm believer in the benefits of the Transradial access approach, which is why I worked with Terumo engineers to develop a Judkins-style catheter specifically designed to maximize radial procedures,” said Yuji Ikari, M.D., Ph.D., FACC, professor, department of cardiology, Tokai University School of Medicine, Tokyo. “The Heartrail III’s unique brachiocephalic curve provides a larger, more secure contact point between the catheter and the reverse side of the aorta that leads to a greater angle between the aorta and the catheter. This results in extremely strong backup force to help brace device placement.”

Transradial access uses the arteries of the wrist, rather than the groin, to gain access to the heart. It is the leading access strategy in many countries of the world and while the technique accounts for an estimated three to five percent of cases in the United States, there is a growing interest among physicians for more specialized tools that facilitate the procedure.

The Heartrail guide catheters are Terumo’s initial attempt to bring physicians specific tools that will help facilitate procedural outcomes when accessing the coronaries from the right radial artery. The Ikari catheters were designed to be “Judkin’s-like” with good backup support, something that the traditional femoral shape catheters don’t offer from the right radial access. In addition to providing educational information and transradial access training to physicians, Terumo is committed to delivering a complete set of tools that will enhance successful outcomes and quality of life for patients undergoing primary coronary interventional (PCI) procedures via the radial access.

The Heartrail Guiding catheter is also available in Europe and Asia.

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