Hansen Secures Exclusive Rights to Cardiac Ablation Technology


March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009 - Hansen Medical Inc. today announced an equity investment in Advanced Cardiac Therapeutics Inc. (ACT), and the procurement of certain exclusive rights to ACT’s patented microwave radiometry technology.

ACT is developing a novel technology that is designed to accurately measure the temperature in a lesion during cardiac ablation procedures.

Current manual technology used by physicians to control catheters in electrophysiology procedures can be limiting in several ways including, precise catheter control and stability, as well as the inability to accurately sense tissue temperature and its potential effect on lesion quality. The Sensei Robotic Catheter System from Hansen Medical can increase the control of electrophysiologic mapping catheters by using flexible medical robotics technology to provide stable and predictable control of catheter movement inside the heart.

ACT's patented Microwave Radiometry System has the potential to be incorporated into standard and irrigated cardiac catheters. A catheter with ACT's technology would have the potential to assist electrophysiologists by providing real-time feedback about effective energy delivery by the catheter.

ACT's technology has not been clinically tested and has not received regulatory approval.

"Accomplishing accurate and real-time temperature sensing has the potential to dramatically improve our ability to create safe, efficacious and persistent lesions," said Paul Wang, M.D., a leading electrophysiologist at Stanford University Medical Center.

For more information: www.hansenmedical.com