Health Canada Approves New Mechanical Heart Valve


June 24, 2008

June 25, 2008 - Health Canada - Medical Device Bureau, Therapeutic Products Programme, has approved the use of the ATS Open Pivot AP360 Mechanical Heart Valve, allowing ATS to offer a valve designed according to specific valve selection criteria of cardiac surgeons.

The ATS AP360 heart valve maximizes hemodynamic performance with a new supra-annular cuff design that facilitates implantation. The original ATS Medical Open Pivot Heart Valve is highly regarded for fundamental design features that promote best-in-class hemodynamic performance, enhanced resistance to blood clot formation and improved patient quality of life through quieter valve operation.

In a response to the highly individualized and specific valve selection criteria of cardiac surgeons, particularly with respect to implantability, the ATS AP360 combines performance with a cuff design that extends its appeal to a broader spectrum of surgeons.

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