Health Media Network Forms Alliance With ACC

CardioSmart partnership elevates HMN as cardiology point-of-care network


June 5, 2014

June 5, 2014 — Health Media Network (HMN) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) have announced a strategic partnership that will significantly increase the size of HMN's cardiology network while broadening the distribution of ACC's CardioSmart initiative. CardioSmart provides tools and resources to heart health providers and the populations they serve to enhance the dialogue between all members of the care team and improve health outcomes.

Under the agreement, Health Media Network is granted the exclusive right to install digital television screens, featuring CardioSmartTV content, in the office waiting rooms of more than 13,000 cardiovascular practices nationwide. In addition, CardioSmartTV content will be distributed across HMN's existing cardiology network footprint, providing additional high-quality educational content to almost 4 million cardiology patients every month. This partnership will elevate Health Media Network's status a point-of-care cardiology network. 

"The goal of Health Media Network is to enrich the patient experience at no cost to the physician, so this is a great benefit to physicians and patients, while also providing a credible and impactful advertising platform for pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods as well as other companies that need to engage with patients interested in heart health," said Health Media Network's Chief Operating Officer Larry Newman.

"Our collaboration with Health Media Network will make it easier for the ACC and its members to bring reliable information about preventing and managing heart disease to patients, caregivers and all members of the care team," said ACC Past President William Zoghbi, M.D., MACC. "Patients must be well-informed in order to be active participants in meeting health goals, and this program will support our members' efforts to involve patients and caregivers in improving their own health outcomes."

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