Hospital Sisters Health System Chooses Epiphany's ECG Management System

Epiphany's Cardio Server was chosen for 13 hospitals


April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 — Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), which sponsors 13 hospitals in 12 communities across Illinois and Wisconsin, is migrating to an integrated information system and enterprise solution for the sites. Epiphany's Cardio Server was chosen as the enterprise-wide electrocardiogram (ECG) management system for HSHS.

"One of the major components for choosing Epiphany was the ability to manage a multiple modality integration into our enterprise solution. The transition to the Epiphany model was a fairly easy one. It really allows for much more integration than we had before with previous vendors who were much more proprietary in this aspect," said Kevin Groskreutz, division chief information officer (CIO) at HSHS in western Wisconsin. "We have less IT architecture to maintain with Epiphany. We have the various EMRs from different sites integrated through one single solution. And on the clinical side, leveraging a consistent workflow is important. For example, if I am a provider at St. John's and also practice at another hospital, I can walk in and my workflow is the same from one hospital to the next. It just gives a consistency of operations between our facilities."

"Our facilities also range drastically in size,” said Groskreutz. “Levels of complexity and workflow are much different between different sized locations like that. Epiphany has been able to match workflow at a very complex teaching hospital and manage their needs, as well as make workflow as efficient at a small critical access hospital."

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