Hydrophilic Coating Enhances the Capabilities of EPflex Medical Guidewires


February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012 — DSM announced a successful collaboration with medical manufacturer EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH to launch a new set of guidewires with ComfortCoat hydrophilic coating, a proprietary DSM technology. EPflex will manufacture the guidewires and DSM will provide the coating technology.

EPflex has a focus on nitinol-based guidewire systems. Nitinol offers advantages, such as high flexibility and stability, which enable the safe treatment of hard-to-reach lesions.

DSM’s ComfortCoat coating further improves the performance of the guidewire systems by providing a durable lubricious coating, which reduces the amount of force needed to pass through tight stenoses and reach difficult lesions. Benefits of the coated guidewires include an extremely soft tip, excellent gliding properties, a torsion stable core and high flexural strength.

 “Guidewires are often one of the first devices introduced into a patient’s body during surgery,” said Bernhard Uihlein, CEO, EPflex. “By enhancing our products with innovative coating technology we aim to make procedures easier for physicians while also improving patient outcomes.”

For more information: www.dsm.com, www.epflex.de/englisch.html