ICU Medical Launches CardioFlo Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring Sensor System

CardioFlo is shown in clinical testing to provide accurate, reliable and cost-effective hemodynamic monitoring


April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 — ICU Medical Inc. has launched the CardioFlo hemodynamic monitoring sensor system. CardioFlo is a minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring sensor system that, when used with an existing arterial catheter and connected to an Edwards Lifesciences Vigileo monitor, provides accurate and reliable hemodynamic monitoring data and an average of 40 percent cost savings over the Edwards Lifesciences FloTrac sensor.

CardioFlo facilitates the real-time assessment of hemodynamic and cardiovascular status, helping guide clinical decision-making and effective management of critically ill patients. In clinical testing, the level of agreement between the hemodynamic data provided by the Edwards Lifesciences FloTrac and the ICU Medical CardioFlo sensor systems was within 1 percent. As a result, CardioFlo provides a cost-effective alternative to the FloTrac sensor without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

CardioFlo is available with the SafeSet closed blood sampling system, which allows clinicians to reduce blood discard waste during diagnostic phlebotomy by reinfusing it to the patient.

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