Imaging Systems Cover Lateral, Frontal Anatomy Simultaneously


May 26, 2006

The Innova 3131IQ and 2121IQ digital flat panel biplane imaging systems cover the full size of the patient’s lateral and frontal anatomy simultaneously for a variety of cardiovascular and neurovascular image guided interventional procedures. 

With the systems, procedures can be done with fewer X-ray images and contrast injections. Both systems are indicated for use in cardiovascular imaging, diagnostic and interventional procedures and three-dimensional imaging of vessels and soft tissue.

The Innova IQ platform is capable of imaging fine vessels and cardiovascular anatomy based on the digital flat panel technology invented and developed by GE Healthcare for medical imaging. The image quality advantages of the GE panel also enable it to perform high-quality 3-D flat panel rotational imaging to produce three-dimensional images of the vascular system, bone and soft tissue in the body.